Project name: De Hoop Dam
Client name: Department of Water Affairs
Location: South Africa
Project value: R3 billion
Project description 
The De Hoop Dam is a large dam by classification category. The dam wall is approximately 1015 m in length and 81 m in maximum height. At full supply level the reservoir will cover a surface area of approximately 1 690 ha and have a capacity of 347.6 million cubic meters. By concrete volume it is one of the largest RCC dams in the world. The dam is being constructed from Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) with conventional concrete in the upstream and downstream facings. De Hoop Dam ensures economic upliftment to the rural population (unlock large scale agriculture and mining projects) and water supply to Steelpoort pumped storage scheme (1 500 MW) in an environmentally sensitive area. 

GIBB responsibilities 
Project management, construction supervision, contract administration and cost control. 



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